Class Timetable

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Children's Dance Classes

Pre-school Classes

Pre-Junior (35min) ages 2 years and above (This class is for who can stand and try to run at least)

This class is preparation for entering Junior A class. In this class we promote student's lower body  and let them learn about behavior from teachers and older students.
Junior A(40min) ages around 3-7

Students will improve their athletic skills and learn basic manner and how to communicate with friends.
Junior-ballet Ⅰ(90min) ages 5 years and above

Students learn the basics of ballet.

Modern Dance Classes

Junior-ballet Ⅱ(60min) Advanced class of Junior-ballet Ⅰ
Junior B(50min) for Grades 3 and above, Grade 2 Students who have taken Junior A class.

Students will learn the basics of modern dance and modern ballet, dance choreography and learn the technique of creating own works.
Junior-Modern Special(55min) for students who will both take Junior B and this class. Students need to be accepted by our teacher to take this class.

Students will focus advanced technique and expression of Junior modern dance.

Classical ballet Classes

Junior-ballet Ⅱ(60min) Advanced class of Junior-ballet Ⅰ.

Adult Dance Classes

Ballet-Stretch(50min) Students aim for making flexible body by Ballet-Stretch which is the stretch adopted ballet method.

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Beginner Ballet Standard(60min) for adults who want to start ballet. We teach important ballet technique kindly.
Beginner Ballet Advanced(60min) for adults who started ballet after becoming an adult. Students will learn ballet safely and comfortably.
Modern intro(80min) for adult beginners(high school students and older)

We will teach you the basics of dance terms and movement politely.
Modern(90min) for adult(high school students and older)

Students focus basic technique of modern ballet and modern dance and learn the technique and promote physical strength so that they will be able to dance choreography.

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